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UNCOMMON IDEAS. Our innovations range from a small coffee roaster introducing the world to single-serving warmth, to ice cream with funny names and strange flavors being scooped all over the world.

UNCOMMON RECREATION. Our mountain bike trails, river walk, parks, and reservoir are unrivaled places to satisfy your greatest outdoor pursuits.   Here, you can leave work and be on the slopes in less time than it takes to commute home in most places.

UNCOMMON COMFORT. We invite you to feel the warmth of a genuine community. Savor our farm-to-table food; sip a glass of beer, a mug of coffee, or a cup of cider; travel our trails on foot or by bike; immerse yourself in our art; or find a unique gift in our stores.

Experience Waterbury, Uncommonly Vermont!               


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Waterbury's Newest Restaurant - Arvads?

Between December 8th and December 14th a mystery was afoot in downtown Waterbury. Brown paper covered the windows and the sign outside of Arvads was removed. What was happening?! Questions about what the Larkins were up to were met with a "wait and see" and few people knew the details of the mystery that was set to be solved this last Monday. On Monday December 15th the doors opened to Waterbury's newest (oldest) restaurant. Arvad's Grill & Pub re-opened as Arvads Grill and they have changed not just the name, but almost everything about the retsaurant, giving the place a whole... Read More →