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Considering relocating your business or opening a new business in Waterbury?  We’ve already done some of the critical advance work for you! 

In the spring of 2013, Revitalizing Waterbury released a Retail Market Study prepared by Arnett, Muldrow and Associates.  The eight-month study drew on careful direct and indirect research as well as a zip code survey to provide a competitive analysis of downtown and key outlying retail districts, a determination of primary and secondary trade areas for Waterbury, and a prediction of detailed space demand for retail uses in over fifty individual retail categories.

Review results of the study and then take some time to visit our community to learn what gives Waterbury its distinctive flavor.

If your exploration of Waterbury leaves you wanting to extend your trip—permanently—we encourage you to contact Darren Winham at the Waterbury Area Development Corporation.  This partner organization to Revitalizing Waterbury maintains a listing of available properties for sale and lease, and works closely with the Town of Waterbury on zoning and other regulatory matters that impact the business community.

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